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Sabbat Plage
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Sabbat Plage will eventually consist of 34 rooms spread over two levels of comfort (Room Comfort and Room Zen), 7 villas and 03 bungalows, seminar spaces and a restaurant and bar service.

With unique potential due to its location and the richness of its biodiversity (beach, sea, gardens, aquatic reserve), Sabbat Plage’s positioning is intended to be strategic. The aim is to offer an artistic, unique and inimitable experience that meets the expectations of knowledgeable and demanding partners from all over the world.

The uniqueness of Sabbat Plage lies in the fact that it is now an establishment recognized in the place with these events, remaining a place of rest and meeting with the Ivory Coast in these multiple cultural aspects.

This singularity is the result of a strategic vision. At a time when the current context is marked by rapid changes, it is essential for us to offer tourism 2.0, with a more global vision of hospitality. That of offering our partners real reasons to travel. We distinguish ourselves from mass tourism by offering an experience that makes sense.

Sabbat Plage, the meaning of rest

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