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Le marché du monde
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Marché du Monde was created in 2014.
Building on its values ​​of ethics, integrity and humanism, Marché du Monde is today a modern grocery store aimed at further growth.

The objective of Marché du Monde is to provide each point of sale with various food and non-food product offerings with a view to meeting varied and constantly changing needs.

With a network of 5 points of sale to date, our commitment is to continue to develop as close as possible to the Ivorian population.

This development will be based on the constant search for new products, on the expansion of our network for customer proximity throughout the territory but above all on a more adapted service.


We pay particular attention to the specific requirements of our partners, which is why we have established our strategic vision on 5 pillars:

1) The professionalization of our structures
2) The visibility of our brand
3) The loyalty of our customers
4) The proximity of our stores
5) The development of our services
We are committed to providing our partners with quality products tailored to their needs.
We strive for excellence and satisfaction, always keeping in mind that we are working in the service of our partners.

Marché Du Monde, a stone’s throw from you!

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