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Mme Danielle Coulibaly

Mme Danielle Coulibaly

Executive Director

Entrepreneur and visionary, Mrs. Danielle Coulibaly is an inspiring personality as much by her human qualities as by her keen business sense. …

Entrepreneur and visionary, Mrs. Danielle Coulibaly is an inspiring personality as much by her human qualities as by her keen business sense.

Founder of the EBL group, which she built subsidiary after subsidiary, she has a collaborative but above all pragmatic managerial approach.

His perspicacity and his taste for useful risk guarantee the solidity of the group through intelligent investments both in human resources and in the choice of the portfolio of activities.

At the head of a booming Group, Ms. Danielle Coulibaly’s goal is to lead the entire activity in its growth phase while ensuring the sustainability of the values ​​that have so far contributed to its growth. good walk.

These values ​​being ethics and respect, at the service of EBL Group’s partners.

M. OMAR El-Houssini

M. Omar El-Houssini-Hilal

La Harpe Mélodieuse Director

Omar El-Houssini-Hilal was born in Casablanca, Morocco. The son of a father who was a lawyer by trade and a percussionist by passion, he became interested in music very early on. He discovered the guitar at the age of 14. …

Omar El-Houssini-Hilal was born in Casablanca, Morocco. The son of a father who was a lawyer by trade and a percussionist by passion, he became interested in music very early on. He discovered the guitar at the age of 14.
He is also a graduate of the Higher Institute of Audit and Finance, the Higher School of Business and Administration in Management, Marketing and Communication.
Very versatile, he participated in the opening of a recording studio where he intervened in the mixing, the mastering for the artists of the Casablanca scene, as well as the composition of royalty-free music and the sound design for the advertisers. .
His artistic skills led him to be accepted into the program of the Berklee College of Music of Boston and the association of “ Bridge Initiative ” in 2015 under the tutelage of Mr. Jon Finn as part of a training started at Grand Conservatory of Casablanca-Anfa.
Graduated with honor in jazz, specializing in “ chords and chords melody ”, Omar El-Houssini-Hilal embodies this new generation of entrepreneurial artists, through his numerous collaborations with advertising agencies and cinematographers, and the launch of a range of products intended for the acoustic treatment of studios.
With this experience, he joined the EBL group on May 1, 2021, as Director of the Melodious Harp. Its ambition is to position the subsidiary at the forefront of the national and sub-regional scene.



Sabbat Plage Director

Mr. Johann Podvin is above all an artist at heart. With a great passion for contemporary visual art and writing.
A graduate of the Vatel Lyon Institute in Hotel Management, he is also certified from the Paul Bocuse School in budgetary techniques of hotel management. He is also an active member of the Guadeloupe hoteliers group and of the Vatel Alumni alumni association.
A French national, he first spent 10 years with the famous Accor & Méditerranée Group, during which he gained field and above all multicultural experience through various trips to Greece, Turkey, Switzerland and the Caribbean.
After a fruitful experience in the hotel-catering category, he rose to a superior position as assistant hotel manager in charge of catering and bar departments in the French Caribbean: Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint-Barthélemy, Saint-Martin.
All this in a gradual ascent towards the general management and operation of establishments with 20 to 40 rooms. Both for independents and for the large Caribbean hotel group Karibéa. He has also been a consultant for other hoteliers.
He joined the EBL Group on February 08, as Director of Sabbat Plage, a boutique hotel located in the rapidly expanding geographic area of ​​Assouindé.
Mr. Johann Podvin is committed to making Sabbat Plage a recognized address that meets the expectations of customers from all over the world.



Tons & Créations Director

Of French nationality, Christian Lefebvre is a true master of printing. From the top of his 40 years of experience, this great enthusiast nevertheless accepted the challenge launched by the EBL Group: that of positioning Graphie Press in the top 10 of renowned printing companies in Abidjan and in the sub-region. He joined the EBL Group in 2021.
Operating in total autonomy and at ease on a wide variety of jobs, Mr. Lefebvre heads a team that is entirely customer-oriented.
And to begin its market share development strategy, it equipped itself with large manufacturing units, the most recent technologies and a highly qualified team.



Marché du Monde Director

Anthony Henrionnet joined the EBL Group on March 01, 2021.
In 10 years of experience, this French expert in mass distribution first went from self-service employee to Department Manager and then from store manager to network manager for several stores. This great experience across the different hierarchical layers has above all given him solid skills in Management, administrative, commercial and profit center management.
Today Global Market Director, a subsidiary of the EBL Group, Anthony Henrionnet intends above all to develop the brand as close as possible to the population through a proximity strategy. A development which will also go through the permanent search for new products and a more adapted customer service. An integral restructuring which is based on 5 fundamental pillars: professionalization of points of sale, improvement of notoriety, customer loyalty, proximity and development of services.




Narcisse Kouacou’s university course was soon punctuated by a diploma from the prestigious National School of Statistics and Applied Economics (ENSEA), and also from Félix Houphouët Boigny University. With the thirst for knowledge that characterizes him, this notorious mathematician is first pursuing a first Master 2 in economics at the University of Paris | Panthéon-Sorbonne, then a second Master 2 in general policy and organizational strategy at Paris Dauphine University.
Versatile and hardworking, he began his rich professional career as an economist at the Department for the Animation of Research and Statistical Studies of the Ministry of Labor in Paris. He then joined health insurance first as Head of an accounting unit, then as a statistical researcher in the regulation department.
In 2015, he moved to the Seine Saint Denis health examination center as a project manager in charge of evaluation and foresight.
In 2019, he was assigned to the Health Insurance Services Department, to the position of project manager in charge of listening to customers and marketing.
With this atypical professional background, Narcisse Kouacou joined the EBL group in 2021 as Director of Transformation, innovation strategy and performance. Its mission is to take the group to new heights, through an innovative and efficient organizational strategy.

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