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Our ambitions
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The Ivory Coast, a land with great prospects for the future. It is above all a young population rich in its diversity, attached to its values ​​and traditions. Land of hospitality with gaiety in its furrows, art on the horizon, it is also a country that moves to the rhythm of passion with an incredible joie de vivre. A country that is modernizing and a land of opportunities where everything is possible through hard work and innovation.

And in this business climate, through its subsidiaries:

World market for mass distribution;
Sabbat Plage for hotels;
Graphie Press for printing and screen printing.
The Melodious Harp for the sale of sound solutions.

The EBL group embodies this new young Ivory Coast, attached to its values.

A group which works for socio-economic development and which contributes to the construction of a new Ivory Coast.

The EBL Group is a symbol of progress and authenticity.

Our ambition is to contribute to the economic and social development of Côte d’Ivoire. Our mission is to offer you the pleasure of being our partner.

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